16 innovators from around the world will make their mark at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco next month, showcasing future-focused technologies in high-energy pitches live on stage, and in the dedicated start-up exhibition.

You’ll learn first-hand about their breakthrough solutions, which include rapid-response vaccines, IVF efficiency, seaweed-based feed supplements and drone-based monitoring tools.

Known globally for its focus on innovation, animal health, nutrition and precision farming, the Animal AgTech summit program aims to advance opportunities and partnerships for start-ups as they raise their profile and connect with potential investors and partners.

Meet 16 companies taking the stage during the Start-Up Pitching Session and showcasing solutions in the exhibition:

Athian AI (USA): has a sustainability marketplace built on a comprehensive data and analytics platform that leverages current and emerging data sources to aggregate, certify and monetize sustainability measures over time. Its focus is on funding and supporting sustainability measures within the value chain.

Blue Ocean Barns (USA): has created a seaweed-based feed supplement that reduces enteric methane emissions from cattle by up to 80% or more. The company works with dairy and beef producers to remove GHG emissions directly from their supply chains so they can meet their ambitious science-based climate goals.

BovIQ (USA): is a mobile app for cattle farmers and ranchers to certify calves and optimize pastures. With 15 digitally verified certificates to choose from, BovIQ captures evidence supporting animal health, performance, and premiums throughout the supply chain. Plus, by integrating a grazing plan BovIQ reduces every farm’s greatest expense of feeding harvested hay.

CattleQuants (USA): brings automated AI solutions for drone-based monitoring of cattle health status, feed intake, and inventory. These services ease labor shortages felt by feedlots and large ranches. Its solutions also reduce the economic costs of cattle illness and over/under-feeding, cattle rustling, and the risk associated with cattle-backed loans.

Corbiota (Germany): feeds young animals with earthworms which strengthens their eubiosis – the natural balance of micro-organisms in their gut and immune system and also triggers their natural instincts. They grow up stronger, healthier, and more resistant towards diseases, reducing the need for antibiotic treatment.

Cowealthy (Turkey): develops innovative animal health monitoring and tracking solutions. Its products will be available to users soon and it provides a holistic solution with hardware and software for cattle farms. The solutions are innovative products beyond those available in the market.

EmGenisys (USA): enables genetic progress of animal production by maximizing the efficiency of IVF / embryo transfer with its non-invasive, on-site, software test to evaluate embryo health in real-time. This ensures each embryo transferred is alive, healthy, and capable of establishing a pregnancy which survives to term.

FaunaTech (India): is a novel smartphone-based handheld diagnostics platform for early detection of critical diseases, monitoring cattle health, and screening milk quality at the farm, and reducing antibiotic usage.

Genvax Technologies (USA): is a self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA) and Nanoparticle technology company. It delivers custom, rapid-response vaccines to combat endemic livestock diseases and pre-empts foreign animal disease threats.

Organicin Scientific (USA): is developing bacteriocins to treat and prevent bacterial disease for niche applications in animal health. Its first product, a prophylactic feed additive, is improving farming outcomes for shrimp farmers challenged with pathogenic vibrio.

ProAgni (Australia): produces cattle and sheep supplements that contains no antibiotics, decreases methane emissions, and improves performance. It focuses on managing the ruminal biome and is also developing direct fed microbials which will cause step change improvements in methane output, feed utilization and production efficiency.

PrüvIT (Canada): creates products that enable the capture, sharing and securing of a full range of commodity-based data. This allows a 360° view of a product’s attributes at all points in the supply chain while enhancing rapid trace backs necessary for responding to disease outbreaks and food safety recalls.

Ten Carbon Chemistry (Australia): has developed technology to solubilise fatty acids in water as feed mitigants for pig and poultry feed and other anti-microbial and industrial uses. The only other chemicals used in the process are amino acids, providing an excellent health, safety, and environmental profiles.

TurboCow (Latvia): is an AI-driven IoT system, the precision real-time remote mastitis diagnostics for cows to improve milk quality and increase production in the dairy industry.

VetNOW (USA): provides connected care solutions through technology dedicated to the digital transformation of veterinary medicine and animal health. It enables higher quality healthcare to take place remotely by removing barriers of access, time, and distance to address gaps in efficiency and productivity, while also addressing the extreme shortage of veterinary professionals facing the industry.

Völur (Norway): has created a unique cloud-based tailored meat production twin. This helps the meat industry optimally plan sorting, cutting, and processing of meat to meet current and future demand. It also helps meat processors create value by getting the most out of every animal which improves the balance between supply and demand, increases yields, improves demand satisfaction, while reducing inventory levels.

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco on March 13 will bring together 500+ of the world’s leading animal health and nutrition providers, producers, tech pioneers, entrepreneurs, and investors for a high-energy day of 1-1 meetings, panel sessions, roundtable discussions, a networking drinks reception. PLUS – the free post-summit Precision Livestock Farming workshop on March 14.

The full agenda with the speaking faculty, start-up profiles and delegate registration for in-person or virtual attendance are available at www.animalagtech.com