Cynomys: The First Italian Start-Up in Precision Livestock Farming Through Environmental Monitoring Secures Over 2 Million Euros in a Seed Round Led by Farming Future, the National Technology Transfer Hub of CDP Venture, alongside Dsm-Firmenich Venturing and Levante Capital.

Cynomys, an innovative start-up based in Genoa and a leader in the field of environmental monitoring for precision livestock farming, announces the completion of a significant investment round of 2.1 million euros. Farming Future spearheaded this round, the National Technology Transfer Hub of Agrifood Tech Farming Future, initiated by CDP Venture Capital in collaboration with ToSeed & Partners, marks a crucial milestone in the growth of the Genoese company. The involvement of prominent investors such as dsm-firmerich Venturing and Levante Capital, SVG Ventures, and Plus9, with their specialized expertise in the sector and international networks, demonstrates strong recognition of Cynomys’ value and potential.

Moreover, the reaffirmation of trust from existing shareholders, including Agrofood BIC Srl (Business Innovation Center), a multi-corporate open innovation hub established on the initiative of Granarolo S.p.A., Gellify S.r.l., Camst Soc. Coop. A r.l., Conserve Italia Soc. Coop. Agricola, Cuniola Società Agricola A r.l., and Eurovo S.r.l., have further empowered the company.

Cynomys, with its patented technology, offers a comprehensive solution for the continuous monitoring of over 30 environmental parameters, crucial for the animal welfare and the sustainability of livestock companies. Thus, the company emerged as the first Italian entity dedicated to developing technologies that connect conscious consumers and sustainable enterprises, utilizing Big Data as a key tool.

Thanks to this investment, Cynomys will not only enhance its existing technology but translate it into tangible improvements in animal welfare. Still, they will also pave the way for new market opportunities, further consolidating its leadership in sustainable farming and technological innovation.

The company will intensify its commitment to conscious, ethical, and sustainable farming practices, a crucial step for the progress of the agri-food sector in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 agenda. The funds will be used to strengthen the environmental monitoring technology and expand its global market presence, where it already has clients in over 17 countries.

“This investment allows us to continue changing the world for a better future, based on the One Health approach, a shared holistic vision founded on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration aimed at sustainably balancing and optimizing human health, animal health, and the ecosystems we all inhabit,” states Enrico Carta, CEO of Cynomys. “We will take our revolutionary technology to the next level, expanding our presence in the global market and continuing to make a difference in the livestock sector,” he concludes.

“Cynomys has patented a solution capable of effectively monitoring and analyzing over 30 environmental parameters in real-time in extremely hostile environments such as those of livestock farms, thus acting as an enabler to promote efficiency and sustainability in the livestock industry,” comments Claudia Pingue, Head of the Technology Transfer Fund at CDP Venture Capital. “Accurate monitoring of pollution levels within intensive farms is crucial to provide farmers with the necessary tools to promote animal welfare and increase their productivity.”

“Levante believes that Cynomys has all the elements to emerge as a global leader in livestock farming and beyond, playing a key role in the decarbonization of animal farms and the improvement of animal welfare. There is a significant and growing demand for sensors and platforms like those developed by Cynomys in the whole world, particularly in Asia. Levante wishes to play a pivotal role in supporting the Cynomys team to scale its operations, establish a presence in Asia, and become a global technological player in the primary sector and beyond.” comments Edoardo Agamennone, Managing Partner of Levante.

With this investment round, Cynomys will strengthen its existing technology and explore new market opportunities, reinforcing its position as a leader in sustainable farming and technological innovation.