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Monday March 21, 2022

Registration & Coffee
Breakfast Briefing
Opening Remarks: Rethink Events
Opening Keynote
Opening Plenary: Adapting and Acclimatizing to a Climate-Centric Livestock Industry
  • As we move towards a higher-welfare and climate-centric livestock industry, how is the US market responding and adapting to the demands of this new reality?
  • What does the carbon net-zero road map look like for the livestock industry? What new business models are needed; and what tools and incentives are being offered?
  • What are the most critical pain-points, and where do stakeholders see the biggest opportunities for innovation and technology adoption in helping tackle these?
  • How can we ensure that carbon-smart farming delivers an ROI to producers? What benefits are there beyond financial?
  • Do we have a full understanding of carbon-credits? What impact could access to carbon markets have on the livestock and dairy industries?
Tackling Labor Challenges: Optimizing the Use of Robotics, AI and Smart Technologies
  • What approaches are businesses taking to tackle current labor issues, and are they long-term, sustainable solutions? With an industry historically so focused on humans, how are organizations thinking about the move to automation?
  • What examples have we seen in the industry of the successful introduction of robotics, AI and smart technologies? What business models have seen greatest success?
  • How can we boost collaboration in this competitive space to offer more integrated solutions to the farmer?
  • Is the future of farming hybrid and where does the human play into this? What skills can AI do better than humans?
  • What is the timeline for large-scale adoption of labour-reducing technologies and where and when should we invest into these technologies?
Networking Break
The Future of Farming: Consolidating and Integrating Precision Technologies
  • Which digital technologies have the greatest potential to transform today’s livestock and dairy industries?
  • Where are the concrete businesses cases proving the benefits of digital and precision livestock technologies?
  • What are the biggest drivers for the adoption of digital technologies? How have these changed since Covid? What are businesses doing to appeal to these markets?
  • How can we bring the standardisation of data to speed? How are data aggregators communicating the value proposition of their users sharing their data with them?
  • How are big tech giants supporting the safe and efficient delivery of digital technologies?
Presentation: Aggregating Data Streams to Boost Productivity, Sustainability and Welfare
Roundtable Breakout Discussions

Whether joining us in-person or online, delegates will gather for an interactive and engaging discussion with their peers around a specific topic of choice to share knowledge, gather insights and identify future partners.

Networking Lunch
Presentation: McDonalds Phase 2 Smart Broiler - Putting Research into Practice
Transforming Animal Health: Innovation in Disease Prevention, Detection and Treatment
  • What emerging technologies, both digital and non-digital, are improving the way those working with animals can make better predictions and decisions around animal health?
  • How could the upsurge in funding for vaccine innovation impact the animal health industry, and where is this investment being targeted?
  • What other approaches to disease prevention, from real-time monitoring systems, to feed additives, are seeing the fastest adoption by producers?
  • How is antibiotic use being regulated? What technologies are seeing greatest success in reducing antibiotic use in the livestock and dairy industries? What’s next to market?
  • What are the biggest challenges Veterinarians face when incorporating new technologies into their practice? How can we facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between vets, farmers, health providers and feed suppliers to create integrated solutions that will make a difference?
Fireside Chat: Achieving Sustainable, Nutritious and Affordable Diets for Animals
  • How can we take the best of technology, science, and data to make efficient, nutritious, productive and low-emission feeds, whilst also being smart about land-use?
  • How can novel feeds and feed additives such as algae, single-cell and insect-based feeds help reduce the environmental impact of livestock and dairy farming?  How scalable and affordable are they?
  • How can we take advantage of innovations in the human and pet-feed markets, and apply these to animal agtech?
  • With carbon emissions and labor being key issues, how can we localize and create decentralized feed systems to shorten the supply chain and lower costs at all levels?
  • How can animals be part of the solution to food waste in a way that benefits all parties? Can we create a circular economy using animals? Where have we seen successful models being applied at scale?
Presentation: Localising and Scaling Sustainable, Nutritious Animal Feed
Start-Up Showcase

The industry’s most exciting animal agtech entrepreneurs will each pitch their innovative solutions on stage, before diving into an interactive group discussion with corporate and VC investors.

Networking Break
Communicating with the Consumer: Building Trust through Transparency
  • How do we tell the more complex, and difficult stories about livestock and dairy production to the consumer? Is the industry ready for complete consumer transparency?
  • What labelling messages resonate with consumers when they’re deciding what to buy, and how has this changed post-pandemic?
  • How can the industry develop more trust with consumers and communicate product value? What are consumers willing to pay more for?
  • To what extent are public trends impacting consumers’ food choices and what diets do we expect to see more of? How are companies adapting and working around this?
Fireside Chat: Redesigning Supply Chains for Safety, Efficiency and Traceability
  • What role do traceability, blockchain and data technologies play in re-inventing and transforming the livestock supply chain?
  • Are we at a tipping point with blockchain technologies? Have they proven their value proposition, and which players are benefiting the most?
  • How do traceability and transparency incentivise farmers to make better decisions on the farm?
  • How can we accelerate the adoption of traceability technologies? Who should pay for these technologies, and where does the consumer stand in all of this?
  • How are retailers and end users utilising traceability applications, and are they getting a return on their investment?
Fireside Chat: The Future of Genetic Innovation in Livestock and Dairy Production
  • What challenges are breeding and genomic technologies helping to solve, particularly around sustainability, health and welfare?
  • How can the industry prepare for new genetic applications and integrate them when planning production systems? How is the lack of Integration across the supply chain hindering genetic progress and what role does data play into this?
  • What is required to ensure innovations in genetics will be accepted and understood by consumers? Does this depend on the purpose and type of application proposed?
  • When is the right time for investors to enter into this space? What are investors most hesitant about and how can we get them more comfortable about new approaches to breeding and genetics?
Crystal Ball Session: Attracting More Financial and Human Capital to Animal AgTech
  • Which areas of animal agtech are most exciting to VC and strategic investors, and what do investors look for in a potential investment?
  • With few non-specialist agri-food funds investing in animal agtech, how can we attract a greater diversity of investors from outside the industry? What skills and networks are needed to accelerate animal agtech’s commercialization pathway?
  • How can we communicate better downstream the value proposition and ROI of animal agtech? How do ESG risks and other risks factors affect access to capital in animal ag?
  • Where are the start-ups now from 5 years ago and how have they progressed? What worked and what key learnings can we take away?
  • What are investors’ predictions for animal agtech over the next five years?
Closing Remarks
Networking Drinks Reception