March 16, 2020 Morning

Opening Remarks
Opening Keynote: Harnessing New Technology Opportunities to Build a More Sustainable, Ethical and Efficient Livestock Industry
Opening Plenary: Growing the Animal AgTech Ecosystem through New Innovation Strategies and Collaboration Opportunities
  • What are the key pain points in today’s livestock industry for farmers? Where do industry leaders see the biggest opportunities for innovation and where are the gaps?
  • What new creative innovation models are emerging for livestock industry corporates?
  • What new areas are emerging as effective sites of collaboration between industry players, farmers, and start-ups to accelerate innovation?
Fireside Chat: Transforming the Industry from Farm to Fork Through Collaboration
Smart Livestock Farming: Transforming Data into Meaningful, Actionable, Integrated Insights
  • How is the digital revolution transforming the livestock sector and enabling new insights to be gained? Looking to successful digital applications in other industries and to China’s integrated digital society, what predictions can we make for the next wave of innovation?
  • How can we deliver useful yet affordable and simple digital tools to enable actionable insights for today’s livestock farmers? What successful business models are emerging to deliver farmers a good ROI? What challenges to adoption have still to be overcome?
  • How can we build sustainable service-based revenue models – what’s proved successful?
  • What’s needed to develop a framework for effectively integrating data from different sources with differing data agreements? What can the industry learn from the EU GDPR?
Networking Break


Traceability and Transparency: Harnessing Traceability Tools to Provide ‘Food with a Story’ and Unlock Added Value
  • What is important to today’s consumers and what value are they willing to put on ‘food with a story’? How can traceability tools provide consumers with this information accessibly?
  • As consumer-facing brands and retailers move towards verified sustainable and ethical food production systems and supply chains to meet evolving consumer demands, how can we build reliable, objective, standardized systems for certification?
  • What key challenges are holding back supply chain transformation? What dots need to be joined to enable farmers to unlock greater value on more sustainable, ethical commodities?
  • How can we utilize traceability technologies to shorten supply chains and reduce inefficiencies, cost and risk in the livestock space? How are retailers moving closer to the farm? What’s on the horizon?
Precision Breeding: Utilizing AI and Sensor Technology Tools to Facilitate Phenotyping
  • With gene editing technology stuck at an adoption and regulatory hurdle, what creative approaches are emerging to enable the precision breeding of more resilient, adaptive, sustainable and efficient livestock?
  • How can we utilize data collected from the farm and along the supply chain together with AI technology to provide information about the performance of livestock to aid phenotyping? How is sensor technology enabling new data to be accessed? How is AI being utilized to accelerate phenotyping?
  • What insights are valuable to breeding companies and what new partnership and innovation opportunities does this create? How can we build a more connected livestock industry with faster feedback loops to maximise data’s potential and drive efficiencies? What challenges need to be overcome?
Networking Lunch

March 16, 2020 Afternoon

Presentations – Next-Generation Feed: Commercializing and Scaling Production
  • How far can alternative feeds transform the sustainability of supply chains and improve feed efficiency and lifecycle assessments? Which sources have the biggest potential for industry transformation?
  • Are we at an inflection point with the adoption of alternative protein feeds? What is needed to overcome scalability hurdles and bring alternatives to the mainstream, and where can investment and collaboration accelerate the process?
Targeting the Microbiome: Tailoring Feed Innovation at Scale to Boost Performance and Health
  • How are new feed innovation approaches improving health, digestion and GHG emissions?
  • How can we develop a tailored yet scalable approach to address the variability of gut microbiomes? What new business models and technologies are emerging to address this?
  • What exciting innovation is emerging in human gut health – how much is translatable to animal ag? What lessons can be learnt in terms of scale up, production, and regulation?
  • How can we overcome delivery challenges and integrate products into existing feed systems, such as retaining efficacy after the pelleting process’s high-heat treatment?
  • What regulatory approach is needed when balancing quality, safety and reliability with access and a timely route to market? What extra value do claims have on the market?
Technology Showcase

Five early-stage companies pitch their disruptive solutions to a panel of investor sharks.

Networking Break
Presentations - Vaccines and Diagnostics: Designing More Effective Tools to Strengthen Disease Prevention
  • What transformative approaches are emerging to accelerate the successful identification of pathogen biomarkers and drive the development of new vaccines that are more effective and can be delivered and stored more efficiently?
  • How are the latest diagnostic tools improving recovery rate and biosecurity?
  • Where can investment and partnerships accelerate bringing new tools onto the market? What new collaboration models are emerging?
  • What new technologies and approaches can be translated from the human health sector to the animal health space? What challenges are involved?
Investor Insights: Scaling Animal Agtech to Commercial Viability – What Can We Learn from Adjacent Industries?
  • Which areas of the animal agtech start-up ecosystem are most exciting? What are the biggest market opportunities? What are the key components of an attractive technology platform for investment?
  • How can the animal agtech investment ecosystem build on the learnings of the crop agtech and human health investment spaces? Where are the opportunities for investors in other industries to enter the livestock space? What trajectories can we expect?
  • As livestock industry corporates and producers build strategic investment arms to accelerate innovation, what is best practice for approaches? What new models are emerging?
  • How can start-ups determine whether VC or strategic investment is best for their company and stage? What are the contrasting values of each?
Closing Remarks & Networking Drinks Reception

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