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SUMMIT: Monday March 13

Welcome Remarks - Rethink Events
Opening Plenary // Towards Holistic Sustainability in Animal Supply Chains
  • What role do farm, ranch and barn management play in improving livestock and poultry’s environmental impact?
  • From feed production to food processing, how can animal agriculture protect water, wildlife and other natural resources in its supply chains?
  • Where can the sector make an instant impact, and what will take time and resources to reduce its environmental impact?
  • Sinks, sources and sequestration: How can we ensure thorough accounting for carbon in protein production?

Eric MittenthalChief Strategy Officer, NORTH AMERICAN MEAT INSTITUTE

Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, Director of AgNext, CSU
Steve Wooten, Owner, BEATTY CANYON RANCH
Kevin Baum,
Co-Founder & CEO, AGRIWEBB
Banks Baker, Global Director, Product Sustainability, GENUS, PIG IMPROVEMENT COMPANY (PIC)

Presentation // Precision Technology for Regenerative Agriculture and Improved Animal Well-being

Frank Wooten, CEO, VENCE

Treatment as the Last Resort: Shifting the Focus to Preventative Healthcare
  • From nutrition to conditions, how can animal care reduce the likelihood of disease?
  • With a growing preventative toolbox of pharmaceutical therapies, genetic improvements, precision livestock systems and enhanced nutrition, how can producers optimize animal health on-site?
  • Where is the line between regulator intervention and private sector action in improving animal healthcare and antimicrobial stewardship?
  • When treatment is inevitable, what innovations are breaking through to allow farmers and veterinarians to treat disease sooner and more effectively?

J.J. Jones, Executive Director, NIAA

Katie Cook, VP Farm Animal Innovation & Marketing, ELANCO
Steve Lerner, VP Scientific Affairs, CHR HANSEN
Mark Luecke, CEO, MEDGENE

Networking Coffee Break
Fireside Chat // Feeding the Gut: Nutritional Solutions to Improve Animal Health and Performance
  • How is our growing understanding of the animal microbiome driving new approaches to animal health and performance?
  • How successful is the current adoption of advanced nutritional solutions on farms and ranches and how consistent are the outcomes across different contexts?
  • What benefits can improvements in animal gut health have on human and environmental health?

Andrew Bean, Project Leader Australian Animal Health Laboratory, CSIRO

Xandra Smith, Director of Innovation & Product Development, ARM & HAMMER
Sandra Wingaard Thrane,

Presentation // Funding Change: Innovative Business Models to Accelerate Methane Reduction and Climate Impact
  • We have the technology to make an impact, so how can we make climate action profitable and scalable?
  • How can geography be overcome to build capacity in different regions and accelerate climate action?

Chris Rose, Chief Business Development Officer, CH4 GLOBAL

Optimizing Existing Feed Sources and Scaling Novel Solutions
  • How are innovations in traditional and novel feed sources creating more circular, sustainable and nutritious animal diets?
  • Where can traditional feed sources and novel innovations combine to provide enhanced nutrition and improved sustainability in feed supply?
  • How can animal productivity be optimized through improved feed, precision feeding and feed additives?
  • What is inhibiting new feed sources from scaling up and how can the sector help accelerate this process?

Aidan Connolly, Managing Director, KINCANNON & REED

Craig Wilson, VP QA & Food Safety, COSTCO
Sarah Klopatek, Director Sustainability R&D, JBS
Virginia Emery, Founder & CEO, BETA HATCH
Joseph Ward,
Deepti Kulkarni, Partner, COVINGTON

Case Study // How Global Food Retail Accelerates Scope 3 Improvements: The Era Beyond Greenwashing
  • Following pressure from governments, how are retailers accounting for, and working to reduce emissions produced in their supply chains?
  • Where can scope three traceability expand beyond emissions reduction to improve animal welfare, fair labor and other sustainability metrics?
  • How are increasingly strict requirements from retailers and governments making greenwashing in animal protein supply chains a thing of the past?

Melanie Murk, Vice President, FARMTRACE

Networking Lunch
Supporting Suppliers and Producers to Operate and Innovate
  • In a challenging economic environment, where does responsibility lie for funding innovation in animal welfare, healthcare and sustainability?
  • How can the sector ensure farmers and ranchers can take risks to improve practices despite uncertain conditions?
  • Where can the wider sector assist in reducing barriers to innovation, creating new revenue streams and opening up new ones?
  • How can we best utilize data to track changes and inform better decisions in animal supply?

Amanda Donohue-Hansen, Managing Director, SANDBOX SUSTAINABILITY VENTURES

Ian Wheal, Founder & CEO, BREEDR
Justin Sexten, Head of Network & Industry Partnerships, ZOETIS
Justin Ransom, Sr. Director Sustainable Food Strategy, TYSON FOODS
Kari Spaan, Co-Founder & CEO, IYOTAH SOLUTIONS

Start-Up Showcase

Five of the most innovative early-stage start-ups will take the stage to give a quickfire pitch to a panel of investors followed by audience Q&A.

Dave Summa, Venture Partner, GENOA VC
Christina Schwab, Investment Director, DSM VENTURING

Derek Vote, Head of US, VOLÜR
Christian Nielson, CEO & Founder, BOVIQ
Griffin O’Driscoll, CEO & Founder, ORGANICIN SCIENTIFIC
Anastacia Drebot, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, TURBOCOW
Kathryn Polkoff, Co-Founder & CEO, HOOFPRINT BIOME

Presentation // Digital Innovation to Facilitate Effective Collaboration Across the Animal Protein Sector
  • When applying digital platforms to animal agriculture, what common obstacles are companies facing, and how can collaboration overcome them?
  • With lower barriers to entry for data-led decisions, how can we ensure we are making the most out of the tools available?

Mike Deem, Product Strategy & Data Platforms, HEADSTORM

Roundtable Discussions

Join focused, interactive discussion groups to deep-dive into the specific topics that are most relevant to you and your business.

Hosted by:

  • Leveraging Technology to Optimize Cattle & Environment
    Hosts: Steve Wooten, 2021/2022 Chair, BEATTY CANYON RANCH & Samantha Werth, Executive Director, U.S. ROUNDTABLE FOR SUSTAINABLE BEEF
  • Overcoming Barriers to Gigaton Impact of GHG Reductions by 2030
    Host: Rowena Pullan, Chief Brand Guardian, CH4 GLOBAL
  • Using Accessible Farm Data to Action & Measure Scope 3 Improvements
    Host: Melanie Murk, Vice President, FARMTRACE
  • Solving Impactful Problems with Data, Software & Strategy
    Hosts: Rob Kelley, Senior Partner & Lawrence King, CEO, HEADSTORM
  • Precision Animal Management: Technology or Logistical Challenge?
    Host: Stephanie Meyer, Senior Manager, Network Partnerships, ZOETIS
  • Exploring the Impact of Data Standardization on Farm Performance
    Host: Dale Jefferson, CEO, VAS
  • Understanding the Customer and Creating a Valuable Product
    Host: Michael Genho, Executive Director, Knowledge Solutions, ELANCO
  • Simplifying and Communicating Data to Help Farmers Make Informed Decisions
    Host: Kari Spaan, CEO, IYOTAH SOLUTIONS
  • Addressing the Animal Health Talent Deficit  
    Hosts: Aidan Connolly, Managing Director & Jared Spader, Managing Director, KINCANNON & REED
  • Building Trust in Biological Products
    Host: Dan Tomso, Chief Business Officer, AGBIOME
  • Why Do Health & Nutrition Companies Need to Care About ‘In-Field’ Data?
    Host: Justin Webb, Co-Founder & Chairman, AGRIWEBB
  • The Cost of Failing to Embrace Digital Transformation
    Host: Ben Allen, CEO, BINSENTRY 
  • Ranch 2030: What Will the Ranch of the Future Look Like?
    Host: Andrew Coppin, Co-Founder & CEO, RANCHBOT
  • Improving Animal Health and Product Quality in Dairy Operations
    Host: Carolina Mateus, R&D Director, DELAVAL
  • Where Can Data Light the Path to Emissions Reduction?
    Host: Niels Molenaar, Founding Member & Director of Customer Success, CONNECTERRA
Networking Coffee Break
Precision Livestock Farming: Achieving Triple Wins in Productivity, Health and Welfare
  • What is holding back PLF systems from reaching their full potential in the sector, hardware, software or data availability?
  • What are the similarities and differences between different farms and ranches that need to be considered when and developing applying PLF systems on-site?
  • Should the focus be on refining current solutions and developing new and innovative products?
  • Where can precision technology companies collaborate with input producers in the sector to increase the potential benefits for the farmer?

Johanna Ballesteros, LATAM Business Development Manager, SWARM ENGINEERING

Justin Gale, Global Head of Integrated Health, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM
Ashley McDonald, VP Sustainability, NATIONAL PORK BOARD
Terry Canning, CEO, CATTLEEYE

Presentation: Value Realization in the Age of Connectivity: Lessons Learned from the Construction Industry
  • How can knowledge and experience from other sectors help agriculture increase connectivity between stakeholders and create collaboration from farm to fork?
  • What role do accessible data experiences play in reaching the potential of automation and boosting productivity on-farm?

Scott Noble, VP of Strategy, VAS

Maintaining Momentum in Animal AgTech Innovation
  • In a sector with lower margins and returns, how can we ensure that start-ups have the time and resources to fully develop their products?
  • With the cost of capital increasing in an uncertain global economy, what can be done to support innovators in the sector?
  • What can corporate and venture investors provide beyond capital to assist start-ups in the sector?
  • What trends are investors keeping a close eye on at the moment?
  • From farm to fork, where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to capitalize on innovation?

Maarten Goossens, Founding Partner, ANTERRA CAPITAL

Eric O’Brien, Co-Founder & Managing Director, FALL LINE CAPITAL
Cristina Rohr, Managing Director, Food & Agriculture, S2G VENTURES
Michael Helmstetter, Founder & President, TECHACCEL
Ana Laura Fernández, Deputy Director of Impact Investments, FONDO DE FONDOS
Sagar Bhadra, Director, TEMASEK

Closing Remarks & Happy Hour Networking Drinks

Workshop: Advancing Outcomes in Precision Livestock Farming - March 14, 2023

A free addition to the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, this workshop will be centered around making the most out of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) systems through the optimization of hardware to generate higher quality data and produce more accurate insights.

We’ll bring together leaders in PLF, healthcare and nutrition with key players in protein production to discuss how close we are to getting the best outcomes for animals through PLF. Join us for a morning of collaborative discussions and focused networking opportunities on March 14 in San Francisco.

Add the free workshop to your cart when you register for the summit!