This post-summit workshop on Tuesday March 14 is centered around making the most out of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) systems through the optimization of hardware to generate higher quality data and produce more accurate insights.

We’ll bring together leaders in PLF, healthcare and nutrition with key players in protein production to discuss how close we are to getting the best outcomes for animals through PLF. Extend your summit networking with a morning of collaborative discussions and focused opportunities at the Marriot Marquis in San Francisco.

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Workshop Program

Welcoming Remarks
Opening Presentations: How Close are we to Reaching the Full Potential of Precision Livestock Farming?

Workshop hosts will set the scene for discussions and lead with short presentations, followed by a panel discussion including:

Coffee Break
Small-Group Workshop Sessions
  • Group 1: What Funding is Needed to Accelerate the Uptake of Precision Livestock Systems?
    Matthew Rooda, President & CEO, SWINETECH

    – Can a range of funding models assist the introduction of new PLF solutions to help improve outcomes in health, welfare and productivity?
    – How much impact could the potential Precision Agriculture Loan Program Act to help drive uptake and what role can public spending play in encouraging PLF?
    – Where can PLF integrate with automated systems to further increase returns from their introduction?
  • Group 2: Where is the ROI for Data Collection and Transparency in the Supply Chain?
    Rob Trice, Founding Partner, BETTER FOOD VENTURES

    – How can producers leverage traceable improvements to sustainability, health and welfare to promote their products?
    – When companies are profiting from on-farm data, how do we determine the correct level of compensation for the data provider?
    – Will the increase of data in supply chains add value to products, and if so, how do we ensure this value is shared upstream?
  • Group 3: How Do We Improve the Accuracy of Hardware to Produce More Reliable Data?
    Host: Daniel Foy,
    CEO & Co-Founder, AGRIGATES 

    – How do we validate and improve the accuracy of PLF hardware to ensure on-farm insights are usable and beneficial?
    – Where have sensors, cameras, tags and other monitoring hardware shown the best results in data accuracy and how transferable are results across different farming systems?
    – How can legacy hardware be integrated into PLF systems to make data insights more accessible to producers?

  • Group 4: How Could Systems Integration and Standardisation Enhance the Effectiveness of PLF Platforms?
    Host: Andrew McKenzie, 

    – Can data inputs and decision-making processes be standardised across systems to promote ease of use and switching to different platforms?
    – How can communication between the platform provider and user ensure a better understanding of the decision-making process and improve outcomes from their systems?
    – Should decision making algorithms be available to observe, to enable full trust in their decisions?


The workshop hosts share the highlights and key talking points from their sessions with the whole audience to shed light on the successes of PLF in animal protein production, and the areas that need to be addressed in order to reach the full potential of PLF systems on-farm.

Closing Remarks
End of Workshop

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