Over 250 international agribusinesses, livestock producers, feed companies and ingredients manufacturers joined technology providers, entrepreneurs and investors to share innovation and experiences at the 2019 Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, focusing on:

  • Precision Nutrition: Targeting Animal Microbiomes for Quality, Efficiency and Health
  • Smart Livestock Farming: Empowering Farmers through Digital Insights
  • Gene Editing: Designing the Farm Animals and Fish of Tomorrow
  • New Pharmaceutical Frontiers: Preventing Diseases through Next-Generation Vaccines
  • The Rise of Aquaculture: Transforming the Industry through Digitization and Alternative Proteins
  • Investment and Finance: How Corporate Venture Funds and VCs view the Opportunities in Animal AgTech

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit is part of Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week, complementing the consecutive World Agri-Tech and Future Food-Tech summits.

The 2019 summit welcomed:

Senior strategic and innovation leaders attended from:

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