Building a Sustainable, High-Welfare Livestock Industry through Innovation, Collaboration and Investment

350+ international livestock producers, animal health providers, feed companies and ingredients manufacturers will join technology providers, entrepreneurs and investors to share innovation and experiences at the 2020 Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco.

Key themes:

    • Smart Livestock Farming: Transforming Data into Meaningful, Actionable, Integrated Insights
    • Precision Breeding: Utilizing On-Farm Data, AI and Traceability Tools to Facilitate Phenotyping
    • Targeting the Microbiome: Tailoring Feed Innovation at Scale to Boost Performance and Health
    • Alternative Protein Feeds: Commercializing and Scaling Sustainable Production
    • Vaccines and Diagnostics: Designing More Effective Tools to Strengthen Disease Prevention
    • Gene Editing: Overcoming the Adoption Hurdle and Addressing New Application Opportunities
    • Biosecurity and Food Safety: Accelerating Disease Detection to Build a Safer Food System
    • Traceability and Transparency: Harnessing Traceability Tools to Provide ‘Food With a Story’ and Unlock Value
    • Innovation Models: Exploring Creative Corporate Innovation Strategies, Business Models and Collaboration
    • Investment & Finance: Scaling Animal Agtech to Commercial Viability – What Can We Learn from Adjacent Industries?

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit is part of Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week (March 16-20) with the market-leading World Agri-Tech and Future Food-Tech summits, offering end-to-end connections and insights across the entire agri-food value chain.

Who Will You Meet?

Meet face-to-face with the most influential players at the summit: 

Ecosystem - Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, San Francisco

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