VAS, a global market leader in connected farm management systems for the dairy industry is joining the virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on March 8. Ahead of the summit, Jordan Kraft Lambert,Vice President Business Development and Robin Dunki JacobsCEO both talk about the company’s sustainability strategy and the digital revolution for animal agriculture.

Jordan Kraft Lambert - VAS - Animal AgTech Innovation Summit
Jordan Kraft Lambert, Vice President Business Development, VAS

Jordan: You’ll be speaking on the panel discussion ‘Game Changing: Aligning Animal Ag Alongside Sustainability’ during the One Health Track at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on March 8.

What approaches towards environmental sustainability are you working on at VAS, and what’s your vision on this topic for the future?
Our approach to sustainability is to provide producers with radical visibility and seamless follow through on their operations. We hunt down every decision that a producer makes, present data that helps them make a great choice from both a profitability and a sustainability standpoint, and provide software that operationalizes that decision on their farms.

Robin: You’ll be delivering a presentation titled ‘Human Computer Hybrids are the Next Step in the Digital Revolution’.

Robin Dunki Jacobs - VAS - Animal AgTech Innovation Summit
Robin Dunki Jacobs, CEO, VAS

How do you see the technology uses and trends we are seeing today around data and AI playing out over the short and long term?
Producers are confronted by a tsunami of data. Companies that can help producers sort through that data and translate it into profitable and sustainable action will own the future.

What benefits will this bring to producers, technology providers and consumers?
The digital revolution will help producers reduce their labor force and create markets for technology providers while providing consumers with products that are verifiable in alignment with their values.

With the global restrictions we are experiencing as a result of Covid-19, why is it important to continue bringing the ecosystem together in a virtual format at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on March 8?
COVID-19 has introduced tremendous change into our food and agriculture system over the past year. Resilient systems are built on a foundation of coordination, so it’s vital to have events like the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit to ensure we are coordinating to embrace change as it emerges so we can keep feeding the world.

Tell us how your merger of AgSource will set you firmly on the path to becoming the trusted source of data for every major aspect of the farm and that data aggregator of the industry?
Our recent merger with AgSource has enabled us to enrich the VAS Pulse Platform with data and insights spanning from seed to cheese. We now have agronomy, milk, and food testing laboratories, as well as agronomic consulting capabilities to add to our software offerings. This diversity of talent enables us to take a whole-farm approach to sustainability and profitability in the dairy industry.

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit is all about forging new partnerships and collaborations to drive innovation and create efficiencies, who should be coming to talk to you about your solutions?
We’re here to decorate cows and acres with as many data points as possible. We’d love to talk with anyone who gathers data, anyone who uses data to help producers make great decisions, and anyone who needs data to make great products for dairy producers.

Hear more from the VAS team at the virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on March 8:

  • Join Jordan Kraft Lambert’s panel discussion on ‘Game Changing: Aligning Animal Ag Alongside Sustainability’ during the One Health Track at 10am PST.
  • Watch Robin Dunki Jacobs’ standalone presentation on ‘Human Computer Hybrids are the Next Step in the Digital Revolution’ at 13.10 PST.

View all the sessions here.

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