Innovative Livestock Services Makes Strategic Investment in iYOTAH Solutions

This investment reflects ILS’s ongoing efforts to support technology advancements throughout the livestock industry.

Kari Spaan, CEO & Co-Founder, iYOTAH Solutions

Innovative Livestock Services has announced their strategic investment in iYOTAH Solutions a state-of-the-art software as a service company solving the data connectivity and exchange challenges across the animal protein industry. The strategic investment reinforces a shared vision for accelerating the use of data and technology to help the livestock industry thrive.

“Through our investment in iYOTAH, we are supporting technology that we believe can facilitate positive change in food and agriculture,” said Jerrod Westfahl, ILS’s VP of Investments. “ILS is always looking for solutions that compliment our core cattle feeding and farming operations and allow us to accelerate data innovation across the livestock industry as a whole.”

iYOTAH’s nTELL platform is designed to solve many of the complex data challenges across the livestock industry through the use of its robust data ecosystem. Their advanced technology platform connects and overlays multiple data sources and delivers economic-driven solutions that help producers and businesses across the animal ag value-chain, enhance collaboration, create efficiencies and facilitate the critical thinking necessary to drive continuous improvement. “Customers cannot only utilize the nTELL platform to see “what happened”, but now by combining multiple data sources and business intelligence, they can understand, why it happened, when it will happen and what they should do about it – all while tying financial and production data together,” says Kari Spaan, CEO and Co-Founder of iYOTAH Solutions.

Spaan also shares, “As a prominent leader within the livestock industry, we are grateful for ILS’s support. The funds will help our company continue to evolve and grow our platform and provide the effective business intelligence needed to drive a more prosperous and sustainable animal protein community.”

ILS’s investment in iYOTAH is part of a strategy to support entrepreneurs with a focus on making a difference within the food and agriculture industries. This is the most recent investment for ILS with an emerging innovator within the animal Agtech industry. ILS continually evaluates platforms and technologies of all kinds – especially those that have the potential to advance the livestock industry.

About iYOTAH Solutions:
iYOTAH’s ambition is to use technology to build a better life for our customers, our community, our company, and the animals we touch. We connect and overlay data from multiple sources, enhance data flow and provide economic-driven business solutions that help the livestock industry produce more with less. The robust nTELL data ecosystem offers an environment that enables livestock businesses to enhance collaboration and facilitate the critical thinking necessary to optimize efficiencies and productivity. To learn more about iYOTAH and/or investment opportunities in the company.

About Innovative Livestock Services:
A united group of feed yards located in the heart of cattle feeding country, ILS has a long-standing tradition of service and quality. Ward Feed Yard, Great Bend Feeding, Barton County Feeders, Dilwyn Feedyard, Knight Feedlot, Roberts Cattle Company, McClymont Feed Yard, and Lewis Feedlot joined to form one company with a common vision: combining innovation with the passion of our people to empower our rural communities and grow great tasting and sustainable beef. Each feed yard independently focuses on quality and customer service.  Each ILS feed yard is third party certified in the Progressive Beef quality management system. With the pillars of food safety, animal welfare and sustainability, Progressive Beef provides verified best management practices that ensure ILS animals are well cared for and its cattle are raised with integrity.