We are delighted to announce that Tristan Colonius, Chief Veterinary Officer & Deputy Director for Science Policy at the US Food & Drug Administration will open the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco with a Keynote Address.

Tristan will spotlight opportunities for biotechnology companies to leverage the FDA’s new programs and accelerate product development, when he addresses an audience of 500+ livestock producers, animal health and nutrition companies, tech providers, start-ups and investors.

“Biotechnology holds great promise for advancing animal, human, and environmental health. To propel innovation-driven growth, the Center for Veterinary Medicine has recently published its first Animal and Veterinary Innovation Agenda. It’s our vision to support the frontiers of innovation in food ingredients, IGAs, gene therapies, and ACTPs while retaining science-driven, risk-based, timely, and flexible practices.”

Tristan is among 70+ expert speakers at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on March 18-19, and the opening sessions will shape the discussions around investment, innovation, sustainability and collaboration for the meat and dairy industries.

View the full program and speaking faculty at www.animalagtech.com/program.