1-1 Meetings

Download the Event App to maximize your 1-1 networking potential!

The Rethink Events App is everything you need to get the most value from your time at the summit, from essential 1-1 connections to managing your personal schedule with meetings and agenda sessions.



Our networking tool means you can:

  • Connect with summit delegates in advance via messages and meeting invitation
  • Arrange your schedule around sessions you want to attend
  • Book on-site dedicated meeting tables in convenient 20 minute slots
  • Reach out to our team to assist on-site with any queries or on-the-spot availability for meeting tables

Delegate Login:

  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Confirmation number

How do 1-1 meetings work at Animal AgTech?

1-1 Meetings are planned through the 1-1 meeting system, which connects all delegates before and during the event. A dedicated meeting area at the event has numbered tables which are available to pre-book in 20 minute slots through the event app.

How do I view the list of attendees?

Select ‘Book Meetings’ to view the delegate list. Click on a profile to see their details, request a meeting or send a message.

How do I select a meeting location?

When requesting a meeting, select ‘Auto Allocate’. When your invitee accepts, the system will reserve a numbered table in the 1-1 Meeting Room. This information will appear in ‘My Meetings’.

If you prefer to meet someone at another location, such as your stand or over a coffee break, select ‘Type Manual Location’ and enter the location you would like to meet.

How do I view my meetings requests and messages?

You will receive an email notification every time an attendee sends you a meeting request or message. View your meeting requests under ‘My Meetings’, and Messages under ‘My Messages’.

Can I invite additional attendees to my meetings?

Click ‘Invite More People’ to view the list of attendees. Select the individual/s you want to invite and click ‘Tap here to send invitation’ at the bottom of the screen.

To see who you have invited to a meeting, simply click ‘Invite More People’ and select the ‘Invited Attendees’ tab.

Can I block out time in my schedule so I am unavailable?

Simply click the + in the bottom right corner of ‘My Meetings’ or ‘Summit Agenda’, and then set the times you are unavailable. You won’t receive meeting request during those times.

Why do you have a meeting request limit?

With a large number of delegates at the summit, a focused approach to sending and accepting meeting invitations is a more effective tool for quality networking. It allows you to manage your incoming requests without being overwhelmed, or having unanswered invitations clog up your schedule. If you don’t receive a response from your first meeting request, consider deleting it and reaching out to another delegate.

Remember the meeting invitations are in addition to the messaging tool which is valuable for introductions, plus the opportunities for informal networking over refreshment breakouts and interactive sessions.

Need help?

View our FAQs below or feel free to email or call us ahead of the summit. During the summit, you can find team members at the registration desk who will answer any questions you might have.

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